Seaplane Training: The State of Maine has some of the most beautiful scenery that can be viewed and appreciated all year round. One of the most enjoyable ways a pilot can get out and experience Maine’s gorgeous wild is via seaplane! Whether you wish to go fishing for native brook trout in the north Maine woods or enjoy a lakeside cabin retreat, a seaplane rating will get you there. Our Piper PA-18 Super Cubs are all ready for your seaplane rating, which we offer from the months of June to October. Seaplane training is done on a reservation basis so book now! The average seaplane course in the country consists of only a couple hours of ground and flight training to give you the knowledge just to pass the checkride. At Higher Ground Aviation, we train to a level of safety and comfort to surpass the checkride! We have several different courses to choose from:

Fundamental Seaplane Course: Private & Commercial. This course is for those just beginning to discover the adventures of seaplane flying. The basic course consists of up to 6 hours of flying. By the end of the training you will have a reliable understanding of seaplane flying, water handling characteristics, and skill to comprehensively use beyond your checkride. Length: 2.5-3 Days Rate: $2200 6 hours Flight & Ground Instruction Included

Advanced Seaplane Course: Private & Commercial. This course is for those looking to surpass the primary knowledge of seaplane flying. The Advanced Course will include everything that the Fundamental Course offers while challenging you to broaden your seaplane skill set. This will include further insight into situational awareness, decision making, and cross country skills. Length: 3-4 Days Rate: $2600 8 hours of Flight & Ground Instruction Included $3000 10 hours of Flight & Ground Instruction Included

Seaplane Refresher Course: This course is for those who have a seaplane rating but wish to revive their knowledge and skills. Let us get you Back on Step! 3 hours Flight & Ground Instruction Included. Rate: $800 (Our airplane) $300 (Your Aircraft)

The MAINE ADVENTURE: More info Coming Soon!

Local students have the option to finish their SES rating over a couple of weekends. So call or email to check weekend availability.

* Checkride not guaranteed in the same weekend based on Examiners Schedule 
** If additional instruction is required, rates are based on hourly rates