Higher Ground Aviation LLC is a small flight school located at Twitchell’s Airport and Seaplane Base in Turner, Maine. At Higher Ground Aviation we take pride in providing the highest quality of flight instruction with a strong emphasis on developing superior flying skills, balanced with good decision making and a positive attitude towards safety. Founded in 2015, we have been making dreams of flying come true!

Jeremy Harmon: Owner & Chief Flight Instructor

Jeremy Harmon is the owner and Chief Flight instructor at Higher Ground Aviation. He grew up in Buxton, Maine and has accumulated over 5500 flight hours. His interest in flying started as a young kid by attending the International Seaplane Splash-in in Greenville, Maine. Another major contribution to his love for flying was his dad’s 1946 Aeronca Champ, which Jeremy is currently restoring. Jeremy started flying at 18, attending Spartan College of Aeronautics in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He graduated with his pilot certificates and an associates degree in aviation science. Between instructing new and aspiring pilots and flying the amazing Maine coast, Jeremy also takes time to enjoy the outdoors, play guitar, and bring history to life as a living historian.

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Bill Barker is a Higher Ground Aviation Flight Instructor and owner of the school’s second aircraft, a 1972 Piper PA-18-160 Super Cub.  Over the 13 years he has been flying, he has gained over 800 flight hours.  He enjoys backcountry flying, participating in STOL competitions, and formation flying.  A University of Maine graduate and previously a Design Engineer for an aviation powerplant company, he is now a Commercial Pilot who simply loves flying and tries to experience all aspects of aviation.  He became a Flight Instructor so that he could spread the joys of backcountry, tailwheel, and seaplane flying as well as to someday teach his 1 year old son how to fly.  You can also find Bill whitewater kayaking or fly-fishing on Maine’s pristine waters.